How It All Began

It was a dark and stormy night. Wait a minute, that’s another story.  We actually owe our beginning to the long, cold winters of Canada.  You see, Bill and Sally as they were known to others (Mom and Dad to us), grew up on opposites ends of Canada.  Their story is actually pretty interesting, but I will save that for another time.  Let’s jump to the part where after being married for  a few years and having two daughters, they came to realize they reached the point in their lives that eight months of winter with snow drifts over the roof of their house was no longer fun.  The family was packed into the station wagon, goodbyes given and the journey was begun.

Now, you’ll notice, at this point there is no mention of me.  Yes, I am what’s known as an “anchor baby” or as I like to say “the one they got right”.  Sometimes I wish they would have tossed the anchor at Daytona Beach, where they lived for several years before settling in Statesboro. But, my whole life story would be different and this blog would never be written.  Still… growing up on Daytona Beach.  I digress.  Following a few years at the beach, the family settles in Statesboro, the anchor is tossed, and my journey begins.

Originally Mom and Dad operated as Parkwood Motor Court.  Set on Highway 301, it was a popular stayover for their snowbird brethren as they made their trek to the sunny south.  The Drive-In movie theater across the street always had a line of cars waiting for the gate to open.  Business was good, life was busy.  Parkwood was a true family business.  Folks would wait in line to get into the restaurant for moms homemade French cooking. The hamburgers were probably the most popular. I love you mom, but truth be told Dad may have been a better cook.  I remember when dad and I changed the sign that displayed room rates.  Yep, the price jumped from five to seven dollars per night!

Then it happened.  Word was out that the Interstate was coming. I should say going.  The new Interstate was not going to follow 301.  Instead the new, faster, better, (yeah right) highway system would be built thirty miles to the east of Statesboro.  There was little doubt this would be dramatic, even catastrophic for the businesses and towns that had developed on 301.  Dad was a sharp cookie.  Does that even make sense?  Cookies shouldn’t be… sorry.  Back on track. It was at this point that Dad realized he needed to do something different if the family business was to survive.  Parkwood RV Park was born.

Fast forward nearly sixty years.  (Don’t worry, during the life of this blog I hope to share some of the many stories, friendships and hardships we have experienced along the way.)  The idea is to share what RVing was, is, and can be.  Uniquely from the perspective of someone who has grown up (my wife would probably interject at this point that there is little evidence to support the statement that I have actually grown up.  To which I would respond “you are older than me” and run out of the room.)  in the business and has also been blessed to have experienced the open road.  RVing is about exploring, meeting new friends and sharing stories.  I invite you to share your thoughts, questions, likes and dislikes.  I only ask that you share out of love, venting is fine but not with animosity.  As He says “love your neighbor as thyself”.  Let’s keep this a happy place.

I will see you down the road.

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